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A Matthew Espinosa one please please please?!

Tags :)

  Anonymous said:
I'm having trouble finding Harry Styles pictures to Edit. How do you find all yours?

I use this website x

  Anonymous said:
woop, okay first off I just want to say your edits are amazing. now for the actual request. I'm sort of specific with things so bare with me. There's a recent picture of Liam Payne beside a white Lamborghini. Can you make that into a punk edit? A lip ring and some earrings will also look cool. thanks in advance :-)

i cant find a image of him besides the car, do you have one ?x


Hi Guys :D so Ive just updated the tags, it was a long process but its done, Im sure there is still names Ive missed out but I have updated all the main ones, so 110 new tags later, here we go, I have also made a list of all the tags Ive added below :) xx -Se [x]

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  Anonymous said:
hi! i love your creations, they're perfect x) quick question, would it be possible for you to edit this ? 31(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/3606c4545cfcf7f4d46b231ce92f0dc9/tumblr_n4ezlx5btK1ql1itgo1_500(.)png with maybe a cigarette in his mouth? (thats optional :D )

Posted xx :)

  tylrecarter said:
Hi! I was wondering if I could get the passcode for you resource packs? Thank youu

which pack ?x

  sahidcamizao said:
Hi, passing by and I was wondering if you could do me a request .... Of course, if you can.

yeah sure what is your request ?x

  Anonymous said:
Hey love (: can you do Chris pine and Zachary Quinto(: thank you.

together ?x

Hi! Are requests open?x

yes they are x

  Anonymous said:
Ansel Elgort:)

tags x


Hi guys so i have free time and since the tags really need to be updated im going to tackle the task, so im going to open up the ask again and i want you guys to instead of sending requests, please send me names of celebs that arent in the tags so i can check and add them. It will make it alot easier if you guys helped out. You’re all babes xx - Co owner Se [x]

Can you make a couple edits of Markiplier (if not then just one please), please<3 I will love you forever. Thank you(:

Posted xx