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  Anonymous said:
Do you do punk edits for people on tumblr? Like not only celebrities?

No, sorry. xx

  lustfullukey said:
Hi can I please have a Luke Hemmings punk edit? Thanks babesss♡ ily xx

Check the tags :)

  Anonymous said:
Hi, I was wondering if you could post some pictures of piercings I could use on my edits? Great blog by the way!:)

We have some here.x

  Anonymous said:
Where do you get the eyebrow piercings? lol And I couldn't find the ear taper on the resource page lol

You have to learn to be creative in photoshop, i make my own eyebrow piercings just with the hard black brush, if you cant, try piercing packs on deviantart, we have a piercing pack here, and a gauges/plugs tutorial here.x

A Daniel Sharman one please?

Tags xx.

  Anonymous said:
can you make a edit of harry styles and emma watson together? no punk, like a cover of a novel, please:c please darling: if you can make it, the size... 256x400

We don’t make manips, sorry xx.

Hi! May I know how to get the eyeliner on the punk edits please? Thank you :)

We have a make-up tutorial on our resource page :)

Do you take requests ?

Yes we do :)

  Anonymous said:
Where did you get the ear taper from the Matt Healy edit? I can't find any good ones lol

We have some in our resource page :)

  celeste5malik said:
Can I get a tattooed all over shirtless harry styles

Check the tags :)

  Anonymous said:
could you do another crystal reed? there's only a few punk edits of her and that's just sad since she looks so awesome w/tattoos and piercings <3

Posted x

  Anonymous said:
Can you do a Lady GaGa one with black hair and tattoos??

Posted xx.